Toy Joy Pressure Pleasure Pump

If you’ve always wanted a bigger penis or feel inadequate as a result of your size, the Toy Joy Pressure Pleasure Pump is here to make your dreams come true and restore your self confidence; in fact your easy solution is just a squeeze away. This incredibly advanced pressure pump with silicone sleeve is designed to provide you intense penis stimulation while enhancing your length and girth, the Pressure Pleasure Penis Pump does indeed live up to its title, as it pumps undiluted pleasure straight into your veins, and fills your member with unmistakable increase. You will instantly feel your dick growing bigger and firmer, and the thrilling grippy hold of the silicone sleeve is just mind-blowing. The soft silicone sleeve is metered to enable you monitor the gradual increase in the size of your penis day by day. is designed in a purple colored cylindrical shape; with an attached pressure pump connected to the silicone sleeve via a small tube; that transmits the pressure to the sleeve, the pump has an oblong shape with a soft body that quickly reinflates after each squeeze. This toy is extremely economical; not only is it low-priced, it also doesn’t require any form of battery power; all you have to do is squeeze the pump to enjoy pleasurable suction pressures. It’s simple in design and very easy to use; just wear the silicone sleeve over your penis and apply pressure by gently squeezing the soft pump over and over; until you can take no more. You can lubricate your dick before insertion for a more pleasurable experience. When you’re done using this toy; wash properly with hot soapy water and toy cleaner and dry properly before storing for next use. It has a great size measuring 8” long, 6.5” wide and a diameter of 3”. Get enhanced, be in shape, perform better.

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