The Impact of Daily Bible Reading in Your Life

The Impact of Daily Bible Reading in Your Life post thumbnail image

Why do we have to be reading the Bible every throughout the day? Does it make a difference? Does it simply reflect a good thing that Christians practice? Is it a lawful practice that isn’t essential to a positive relationship with God? If we don’t know the reasons behind it, then we’re unlikely to give it the attention it deserves. Below are five analogies that help us understand the purpose of a daily, consistent studying of the Word.

  1. Getting to Know God

A visit to my house will reveal a lot about the person I am. An unfinished 1,000-piece puzzle sits on my dining table. Toys are scattered across the living room, and the hallway is filled with CD boxes and guitar cases. The home is likely home to a musician. There are kids at home and some people like puzzles.

The reading of the Bible is like entering God’s home. Everything is in place because God would like the Bible to exist. If it’s in God’s Word God that lasts forever and never ends, then it must be of importance to God. As I go through Leviticus, I am faced with a complete book devoted to various kinds of sins and their associated offerings. If it is important to God for this to be written in His Word, then I must conclusively conclude that the sin we commit is a genuine, serious issue for God and that every sin, regardless of how minor it is, must pay for.

The verses of the Bible, which are the most challenging and confusing, reveal something about God. Instead of avoiding or skipping certain things that aren’t clear to you, ask God what the significance of this verse is significant to Him. Consider what it reveals concerning His nature. Develop a love for Him as the person He is and not the person you would like Him to be.

  1. Renewing Your Mind

Have you ever been in the ocean just waist-high? It’s fascinating to be sure that you’ve been sitting in one spot, but then turning around to see your umbrella just a quarter mile away can quickly show your mistake. The stream was so subtle; you didn’t realize that you were floating. It’s what it’s like living in a strange world. We’re swept up in the current. Selfishness, materialism, immorality, and mindless entertainment all day long keep us from God. Add in our self-centered flesh and our adversary, Satan, and there’s plenty of strength in this present.

The word of God acts as an anchor. Every when you read it, you’re putting your anchor on the ground and securing it. It stops your feet from falling. If you don’t constantly hold onto that anchor point, you could be far away before you even realize what transpired. Therefore, regular reading and contemplation of Scripture and the Word spoken by God is essential. Romans 12:2 declares that we ought to “be transformed by the renewal” of our minds by His Word every day.

  1. Giving Clarity

One of the first things I look at in the morning is my glasses. They aid me in everything. Looking at an area with blurred eyes is difficult. Are you looking at an apple or a tomato? Is she happy or sad? The act of putting my glasses on is an easy step to help me appropriately react to situations that occur to me since I can see the things, they’re.

In the absence of regular dosage of Word in a stressful circumstance, it may be overwhelming and confusing (it can be blurred). Why am I feeling frustrated? Am I angry with my children, or do I take my other issues on them? However, when I have constant doses of truth in my daily life, I can see my surroundings and the responses of my heart. Like putting on glasses, it gives me clarity, allowing me to see the day’s happenings and my reactions. If my anger is linked to my self-sufficiency (assuming my life can be held together through my efforts), I can repent and give control back to God once more.

Many people claim they don’t have the time to spend reading the Word. But there’s nothing that can save you more time than studying Scripture Word as well as praying. This provides a fresh outlook for what matters throughout the day, what you can remove from your life, and helps you assess the unexpected circumstances quickly and precisely.

  1. Killing Sin

Imagine that you have cancer, and your doctor suggests it could be cured with routine chemotherapy. The treatment begins, but you do not feel better following one treatment. The second. And maybe even the fourth. Then why do you continue? Even if you don’t feel something doesn’t mean that it’s working. As time passes, it will begin to rid the disease of the body of.

This is what a consistent consumption of Word that is the Word of God can be like. When it is read to be an expression of confidence in Christ, it slowly eliminates the afflictions of pride and our insanity, our hypocrisy, and our insanity. It is a joy to read Scripture Word that is the Word of God is sometimes pleasurable. However, at times you’ll close your Bible feeling precise that you were when you started. It doesn’t mean that your time was not adequate! Each when the Word is in our minds, it accomplishes something. God promises us, “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

A steady, regular, and extensive diet based on The Word of God kills the pride that can cause us to commit other sins. Please don’t be ashamed of it regardless of the way you are feeling.

  1. Fuel for a Living Relationship

Anyone who is learning a new language understands that vocabulary is crucial. You can indeed master each verb as well as all tenses. But when you walk the streets in a different country, the verbs alone won’t assist you in finding toilets or a taxi. You need vocabulary! The more language you have and the more conversations you’ll be able to engage in.

The Bible is a vocabulary that we use for our relationships with God. We do not go through the Bible solely to read our Bibles. We read to be in a relationship with God. Therefore, you might be asking what the point of reading is? Yes, we do, but our God is more than any of the pages in the Bible (John 5:39). He can meet us wherever and communicate with us in a variety of ways. However, He is evident that He doesn’t alter His Word and is unchanging (Isaiah 40:8; Malachi 3:6). This implies that our relationship with Him is limited without a vast theological vocabulary of God’s Word.

As I increase my understanding of the Bible, I can recognize His presence in my daily life. Sometimes, circumstances bring me back to a verse I’ve read. When I think about how to respond to someone, a passage from that of the Old Testament will come into my mind. The more I study, the more alive and engaged my connection with God is. I am learning about His language and interacting with Him more profoundly every day. Doesn’t that the thing we all want? A breathing, living and tangible connection with God, the eternal God?

I hope these analogies inspire you and inspire you to be a part of the Word! I recommend reading Bible verse for today to inspire you and strengthen you.

Which of these illustrations resonates with people the strongest? Did any of them spark fresh ideas for you? I’d be interested in hearing about it!

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