Text messages for Saint Nicholas Day – ideas of Wishes and congratulations  that you can send to those who celebrate their name day



Today, people called Nicholas, Nicole or other derivatives celebrate their name day on Saint Nicholas day. This celebration is much better known for the tradition of Saint Nicholas gifts: children leave their boots in a visible place overnight, and they are found early in the morning full of gifts from Saint Nicholas.

Mesaje de Sf Nicolae acquired and translated in English

Polish your boots and then go to bed! It doesn’t matter that you are alone… Saint Nicholas will come and put only smiles and good cheer in your boots apoi then divide them left and right 🙂 And I will want a smile! Keep me one!

On the occasion of Saint Nicholas, I wish you a lot of health, happiness and last but not least a lot of joy in life !!! Be loved and  have only beautiful things !!!!I hope that the feast of Saint Nicholas will be the signal of a new beginning, to have a road sprinkled with joys, accomplishments, health, happiness and especially… lots of love!Starting with December 6, during the winter holidays, people are better, more beautiful, wiser and make wonderful gestures towards their loved ones and not only. May this period bring you many beautiful smiles from the people around you. and be able to share everything you have best with them.If you continue to be angry, Saint Nicholas won’t  bring you anything. Renew your good soul, as I know it, and live a few moments of happiness and contentment… and look in your boots… you will find a good thought from me… Kiss you!Among the imaginary snowflakes I slipped into your house last night, to leave you a symbolic gift there in your boot, but I saw you sleeping and then I left a sweet kiss on your cheek.On Saint Nicholas day is the moment when what we want becomes reality! If you are healthy, happy, surrounded by your loved ones, then Saint Nicholas has already come.Surprise! This year, Saint Nicholas didn’t bring you anything. Just me, a lost and lonely soul, just waiting for a sign to show what is best and warmest in his soul.Saint Nicholas is on his way. I heard you were good and it would be a shame for Santa to catch you with unpolished boots…There is a rumor in town, that tonight Saint Nicholas is coming! Prepare your shoes!Believe in what can make you happy! It’s just a tradition that has aroused feelings of joy in your soul since the first Saint Nicholas. Think of him as the one who makes sure he comes to you every time. Happy Birthday!A good thought of Saint Nicholas !!! May all your wishes come true! to have part to have everything you want .. to be happy with who you want… to be as healthy as who you want… and to be loved just like the one I love ..Today, on Saint Nicholas Day, I wish you all the best. I wish you this period to bring you lots of beautiful smiles from the people around you and to be able to share everything you have the best with them. Light in the soul and much happiness!I hope that the Winter Holidays, especially that of St. Nicholas, will bring us light and happiness, wisdom and hope and make us better, help us to give all we have best to family, friends and loved ones, but also to those in need!I hope that the feast of St. Nicholas will be the signal of a new beginning, to have a road sprinkled with joy, accomplishments, health, happiness and success!I wish you Happy Birthday and may Saint Nicholas lower his eyes on you and give you the desired happiness and inner peace.To live, to flourish,/And always be good,/Many gifts to receive,/In polished slippers!On this holy day, I wish you all the best, much happiness, the fulfillment of all wishes and may St. Nicholas always guide you in life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !On the occasion of celebrating the name, receive a warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY, much health, many achievements and everything you want next to your loved ones.I wish that this period will bring you many smiles from the people around you and that you will be able to share everything you have best with them. Light in souls and good health.



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