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PC online games are increasingly becoming popular, and there are several ways to measure their success. The Newzoo Expert provides a detailed analysis of the PC games market, including MAU of each title by country, month-over-month growth, and overlap, churn, and retention rates. However, the game’s popularity does not necessarily correlate with its success. As a result, the Newzoo Expert does not recommend one game over another おすすめPCオンラインゲームランキング60選!.

This list isn’t perfect, but it does contain a selection of IGN’s favorites, including new releases, old classics, and games across genres. You can play these games with low graphics settings and still enjoy the gameplay and story. PC gamers can choose from modern day classics, co-op games, and more. Ultimately, the best PC games are those that appeal to their preferences. However, some games are simply better than others – and you should decide for yourself.

In terms of popularity, online multiplayer shooters have taken over the PC gaming world. This is largely due to the esports tournaments, Twitch streaming, and YouTube gaming channels. Popular games include Halo: Infinite, Far Cry 6, and Genshin Impact. Indie games include 12 Minutes and Death’s Door. Some players prefer fast-paced action games like Back 4 Blood and Battlefield 2042.

PC has always been the preferred platform for online games. Despite the resource-intensive Multiplayer Online Mode, the PC can handle the load. The Online Games Ranking 2021 will feature the top ten PC games according to the average concurrent player numbers on Steam as of September 2021. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, meanwhile, focuses on cooperation between players and environmental destruction. The game has different modes, and gamers are encouraged to mix and match between them.

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