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If you’re a keen kitesurfer, then you intend to hold yourself current with new developments in the sport. In this group of articles, we look at the new kites which have been introduced for the 2021 season. This short article could be the 8th in the series and inside we review 3 more new ozone paragliders kites for 2021.

The Frenzy is a Snow kite which is available in 5 sizes from 5 to 13 metres. The 2021 product has been completely re-designed utilising the latest design techniques. With aid from the newest software and Ozone’s vast knowledge, this kite features a new aspect proportion, cell thickness, page and sail tension. The end result is that the managing, efficiency and security have already been improved. Ozone also have incorporated technology from their paraglider models to boost stability. These changes all combine to create a kite that is more pleasurable to trip and fly.

The Summit is yet another Snow kite, that model will come in 3 styles, 8, 10, and 12 metres. As with the other Snow kites, the Summit is really a foil kite and depends on the air filling their pockets to provide and maintain their shape. The design of this kite is focused on delivering the maximum amount of over-all efficiency as possible. Again Ozone purchased their considerable study and progress expertise to construct a mix of element relation, mobile width, page and cruise tension to make a kite they state “forces the restrict of performance design” ;.In addition it features Ozone’s “overall hole out” process which allows the rider to totally eliminate the power easily, that will be priceless in serious conditions.

The ultimate newcomer in the Ozone range for 2021 is the Access. That also is really a Snow kite in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 metres. This kite could be the snow kite equivalent of a Freeride kite, meaning so it is designed to be an at all times kite giving maximum versatility. The Accessibility is a 4 range kite with a clamcleat depower process and has been constructed from good quality components and functions a double pulley speed-system.

Ozone know that it’s essential for an over-all kite to have exemplary security, be easy to manage and produce easy constant power. In the Entry, they feel they’ve achieved that goal. So whether you’re a rookie to snow kiting or someone with knowledge buying a versatile over-all kite that’ll work very well on most terrains, the Access is unquestionably price a deeper look.

Are you involved to chance with the elements by flying ozone kites? This sort of severe sport has been collecting quite a constant following, and for valid reason! It combines the outside appeal of many activities but not the intensity. You don’t need to be a world-class player to maneuver a kite. Your torso energy and your feeling of stability may take you areas! Sure, it may be that easy! If you intend to understand the basics of the game, here are a few details you could have to know. Why don’t you scroll down to find out exactly what they are?

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