5 Ways to Propose During Lockdown

What a great time to celebrate love and your commitment to one another. Now that we have designed your customised engagement ring, it’s time to think of how you’ll be popping the big question. With the lockdown and social distancing rules in place, we’re going to have to get creative!

It can be quite a nerve-wracking process, which is why we’ve composed 25 unique ideas for you to propose and some creative ways you can capture the moment. From low key indoor proposals to more art and crafty sentimental ideas to ask one of the most important questions of your life.

(this is a guide for current COVID-19 regulations in Victoria, Australia as of 23/04/2020)

-Bake a Cake
The key here is common sense and good planning.
Bake your fiancé to-be their favourite cake (or bread for the carbaholics) Under the cake, cut a small hole in the centre enough to fit a ring box. Your loved one will be stoked that you have attempted to bake a cake but even more ecstatic when they find a diamond engagement ring inside! Just imagine the look on their face when they realise that you’re about to pop the question.
(Do not put the ring in the cake without the box and for god sakes, don’t bake the ring into the cake www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/valentines-baking)

-Create a Website
With all this screen time atm, your loved one won’t suspect a thing! Create your very own website with images of you both and a diamond engagement ring in the middle with “Will you Marry Me” at the top, go on and add your song too! Send them a link to the website, that’s your queue to get on to your knee with your diamond engagement ring.

(not good on the computer? Or do you have trouble hiding things from your loved one? Have a professional design a detailed website that you can keep and share with your family and friends. Email [email protected] or save the cash and do it yourself www.top5-websitebuilders.com)

So you’ve both been working from home and doesn’t a trip to the supermarket feel like a vacay right now, and who doesn’t like a vacation proposal?! You can still have a public proposal during COVID! While your partner is grabbing things from the shelf, sneak the box with your diamond engagement ring in the basket and let the story unfold. Make sure you have picked the knee you’ll be bending. (Make sure she’s not holding a carton of milk when you propose)

It’s never been so appropriate to wear workout gear all day! Make sure you hide your engagement ring in a safe spot. During your hike tell them you found something on the ground and tell them to come have a look and that’s your queue to spring the question.

-Movie date night
You’re probably almost out of Netflix shows to watch, so why not have a movie night? Hook up a projector, deck out the lounge room with all the pillows & blankets in the house and add some fairy lights and candles (it’s all about setting the mood). Pick the highlight in the movie and at that moment…make your announcement via your own video or image.

-Treasure Hunt
No this isn’t the romantic kind of treasure hunt with cute notes and instructions to follow…I am sure your partner will know what’s up. Instead, hunt for something you normally hunt for like your KEYS! You’re about to head out to pick up some eggs from the supermarket and where are the dam keys? They’ve flipped the house upside down and you ask them to check the usual spot (where you have just placed the box with your diamond engagement ring) and watch their frustration transition to shock and that’s your queue to pop the question.

-Shopping List
If you’re both low key, no fuss kind of people, here is a proposal just for you! Add to your shopping list “Will you Marry Me?” ask her to check that we have everything written on the list before you leave the house and have your diamond engagement ring ready and maybe a very special afternoon planned (cook her favourite meal and finish with her favourite type of dessert)
(www.etsy.com/au/listing/655232800 and some recipes www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/romantic)

-TikTok Dance
So you’ve managed to convince your partner to make a TikTok dance! After spending hours choreographing a dance, you begin to film…mid way through your TikTok you pop the question! What a great memory to share with your kids haha, yes this is the new age millennial world.

-Plant a Ring
If your partner is a plant mum/dad this is the perfect isolation proposal! During one (of many) Bunnings run, suggest that your partner buys (another) plant. When you’re back home about to re-pot the plant, pop your diamond engagement ring on one of the stems.
(www.bunnings.com.au/120mm-philodendron-minima-rhaphidophora-tetraspermaa_p0172368 or www.bunnings.com.au/180mm-calla-lily-zantedeschia-hybrid_p3824073)

-Breakfast in Bed
Treat your special half to a full breakfast in bed (if you can sneak out of the room and prepare it before they wake up). Buy a new set of plates and bowl, the surprise here is the mug which has “will you marry me?” at the bottom, once they finish their drink, be prepared to pop down on your knee.

-Uber Eats
It might be cheesy (pun intended) but having ‘Will you Marry me’ with a diamond engagement ring inside a pizza box is the tastiest way to propose. You won’t even have to leave the house to celebrate!
(Arrange with your local pizza place and delivery driver)

-Family Zoom
What a special way to have the family involved and share your special moment! During a family zoom, have each family member hold up a synchronized sign “Will – you – Marry – me?” And of course, don’t forget to record it!

-Video Games
If your partner is obsessed with online games, there are ways to pop the question while they are playing. Find out the details of their game (Sims/animal farm) and find a way to deliver your special message. Alternatively, you can buy a new game & have “Will you Marry me” inside the cover/box. Don’t forget to have your diamond engagement ring ready.

-Comic Book
If your partner is big on sentimental gestures, this is a great way to pop the big question! Draw a comic, make a short story of how you meet and where you are now. We can supply a hand-drawn picture of your custom engagement ring that you can add to your comic when you ask the big question with (just ask your consultant and we will have it ready for you).
A comic book means that you’re able to preserve the special moment forever.

-Flying Drone
As you’re preparing your drone, fasten your diamond engagement ring securely onto your drone (prepare earlier if possible). Distract your loved one while you fly the drone out and as it returns, ask them to help you get the drone…where they will find a Janai engagement ring! That’s when you drop the controller and get on your knee.
(please find drone flying guidelines below)
(www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/drones-robotics/drones Australian flying guidelines www.casa.gov.au/knowyourdrone/drone-rules)

-Flower Delivery
Who doesn’t love a bunch of flowers? Let alone a BIG bunch of “Will you Marry Me” flowers with a diamond engagement ring! Arrange for the special delivery with your local store and be ready when the flowers arrive, that’ll be your queue. If Pear Shaped Diamond Ring want to go that extra mile, many florists have added extras like fruit boxes, soft toys, chocolate and champagne too. Check with your favourite flower shop.
(Here are our personal favourite www.infullbloom.com.au/, www.manflowerco.com.au/
as well as a list of Melbourne’s top boutique florists. www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/art-and-design/article/florists-melbourne-best-guide)

-Make a Video
If you’re an outgoing kind of persona, you might want to show your talents off on a video proposal! Find that special moment to show the video to your partner and have your diamond engagement ring ready.
If you have some cash to throw around, nothing beats having a professional film made (this may set you back a few thousand) [email protected]
Or do it yourself! www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dak0bMKEbYw

-Cookies Delivery
Have customised “Will you Marry Me” cookies delivered to your door! You have to check out these amazing artisan cookies made fresh locally, delivered straight to your loved one, order some for your family and friends to share the good news! www.cookiesandcrumbsmelbourne.com.au

-Bike Ride
If you don’t already have one, now is the best time to invest in a bike. When you stop for a break, take your partner’s helmet and slip your diamond engagement ring inside, hand them their helmet back and watch their reaction!

-Kids Drawing
What a better way to get your kids involved, ask them to draw a picture of you both then add “Will you Marry Me” get your kids involved in bringing the ring out to your partner if you’d like and get ready to get on your knee.

If your partner is a big yogi, she would appreciate this personalised proposal! Customise a yoga mat with “Will you Marry Me” on it and gift it to your partner before her work out, as she rolls it out, that’s when you bring your customised diamond engagement ring out.

-Glow in the Dark
For a romantic night time proposal, paint “Will You Marry Me?” in glow in the dark paint on the ceiling in the evening. After your partner gets ready for bed, you switch the lights off and wait for the reaction. Have your custom diamond engagement ring ready!
(This paint is water base and safe on most surfaces, will last up to 8hrs)

-Fridge magnets
Make the message loud and clear with this simple idea. Order customised magnets or spell it out with colourful alphabet magnets, followed with some yummy pastries to celebrate!)
(customise magnets on www.vistaprint.com.au, alphabet magnets https://www.etsy.com/au/market/alphabet_fridge_magnets. www.millstonepatisserie.com , www.lunecroissanterie.com/)

-Pave Way Chalk
Have a neighbour or friend help you out if you can’t sneak out of the house. As you embark on your daily walk, have your message written on the path near your home, have your diamond ring ready and pick which knee you’ll be kneeling on.

-Kinder Surprise!
If your partner is a sucker for the sweet goodness of a Kinder egg, this may be the best surprise they’ll ever receive! Put your diamond engagement ring with your “Will You Marry Me?” message inside. Below is a link of a tutorial of how to open & add your message into the egg

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